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  • ConQAT. Long-lived software systems are subject to gradual quality decay if no counter measures are taken. Continuous quality control counters this decay through an orchestrated application of constructive and analytic quality assurance techniques. The Continuous Quality Assessment Toolkit ConQAT provides the tool-support required to enact continuous quality control in practice. It supports the rapid development of quality dashboards that integrate diverse quality analysis methods and tools. Through advanced aggregation and visualization mechanisms, these dashboards enable developers and project managers to track key quality aspects of software projects in an efficient and timely manner. The dashboards are accompanied by a set of interactive tools that support the in- depth inspection of identified quality defects and help to prevent the introduction of further deficiencies. To cope with the diversity of real-world software systems, ConQAT is not limited to the analysis of source code but takes into account various types of other development artifacts like models or textual specifications. Through its flexible architecture, ConQAT can be customized to address the quality requirements that are truly relevant for a software project. Thereby, it helps to successfully counter quality decay of software systems.
  • Scanner Library. The scanner library provides scanners (lexers) for more than 10 programming languages.
  • Simulink Library. The Simulink library provides a Java parser for Matlab/Simulink models.
  • Bugzilla Library. The Bugzilla library provides web-based access to the well-know issue tracker Bugzilla.
  • CCSM Commons. The CCSM Commons are a library of utility functions and classes used by ConQAT and all other CCSM products.
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