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Competence Centers Overview

Architecture & Services
Description techniques and development processes for large software systems.
Modelbased Development
Formally founded and seamless modelbased development.
Product Data Modeling
Modeling of product data.
Embedded Systems
Design, description, analysis, and simulation of control software for technical processes.
Process Models
Development of Process Meta-Models, Project Management, Process Patterns, Open Source Processes, Maturity Models
Context Aware Systems
Specification and development of context aware systems
Requirements Engineering
Creation process of documented representations of the requirement specifications.
Software Maintenance
Maintenance and development of existing software.
Specification & Verification & Testing
Specification, testing and verification of software systems.
Tool Support
Tooldevelopment at the chair.
Model-Based Systems & Qualitative Reasoning
Problem solving based on behavior models of physical or software systems.
Competence centre software quality

Software Quality
Specification and analysis of the quality of software systems

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