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Selected Publications

Behavioral Specification of Reactive Systems Using Stream-Based I/O Tables
J. Thyssen, B. Hummel
SEFM '09: Proc. of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods
Integrating Functional and Architectural Views of Reactive Systems
J. Botaschanjan, A. Harhurin
CBSE '09: Proc. of the 12th International Symposium on Component Based Software Engineering
Toward a Holistic and Standardized Automotive Architecture Description
M. Broy, M. Gleirscher, S. Merenda, D. Wild, P. Kluge, W. Krenzer
IEEE Computer 42 (12)
Modular Functional Descriptions
B. Schätz
ENTCS 215: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
A Formal Model of Services
M. Broy, I. Krüger, M. Meisinger
TOSEM 16 (1): ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology
Service-Oriented Systems Engineering: Specification and Design of Services and Layered Architectures - The Janus Approach
M. Broy
Engineering Theories of Software Intensive Systems
A Formal Model for Componentware
K. Bergner, A. Rausch, M. Sihling, A. Vilbig
Foundations of Component-Based Systems
Specification and Development of Interactive Systems: FOCUS on Streams, Interfaces, and Refinement
M. Broy, K. Stolen

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