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I am currently post doctoral researcher in the software and systems engineering research group of Prof. Broy. My research interests include:
  1. Formal Methods in Software and Systems Engineering
  2. Embedded Systems
  3. Model-Based Development
  4. Analysis and Optimisation of Automotive E/E Architectures
  5. Safety and Security of Dependable Systems
Stefan Kugele
Dr. Stefan Kugele© Stefan Kugele




  • Best Paper Practice & Innovation: IEEE / ACM 22nd International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS) 2019

Invited Talks

  • From Signal- to Service-oriented Architectures, 17. Workshop Automotive Software Engineering, Innsbruck, February 2020;
  • Case Study: Architecture Modelling as a Backbone for DevOps in Automotive Systems, auto:CODE, Berlin, November 2019;
  • From Function- to Service-oriented Architectures, HANSER Automotive Networks 2019 E/E architecture and IVN technologies, Munich, Germany, November 2019
  • On Automotive Service-Oriented Architectures, Future In-Vehicle-Network- and Central-Gateway-Architectures Workshop, HUAWEI Munich Research Center, Germany, July 2019i;
  • Service-Orientation in Future Automotive E/E Architectures, The Future of Automotive Networking Workshop, HUAWEI Munich Research Center, Germany, November 2018;
  • Service-Orientation in Future Automotive E/E Architectures, Forschungskolloquium "Embedded Automotive Systems", TU Graz, Austria, November 2018;
  • Modellierung, Optimierung und Synthese von zukünftigen E/E-Fahrzeugarchitekturen, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg, Germany, February 2018;


Dipl.-Inf. Univ. Dr. Stefan Kugele
Akademischer Rat a. Z.

Technical University of Munich
Department of Informatics
Software & Systems Engineering
Room: MI 03.11.060

Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching bei München

Phone: +49.89.289-17200
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