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Competence Center Embedded Systems - Related Information

The CASE tool AutoFocus is the core of the tool development activities of the embedded systems group.

Protobuf-Embedded-C is a Middleware-Generator that based on Google-Protocol-Buffers generates a middleware in the language C, which is applicable for embedded devices, by being independant of dynamic memory allocation as well as very ressource efficient.

Focus consists of a set of mathematical models and notations for the specification, refinement, abstraction and verification of distributed reactive systems. It is the result of the subproject A6 of the Sonderforschungsbereich 342. Most of the foundational work of the embedded systems group is based on Focus.

Validas Model Validation AG
Validas is a spin-off company of the embedded systems activities at the chair of Software & Systems Engineering. Validas is the distributor for the Quest tool set (see above), which won the first price in the tool competition of the FM'99 World Congress on Formal Methods.


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