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Aufgabengebiete, Lösungswege, Controlling
1994. XIX, 317 pages, Springer-Verlag, Berlin. ISBN 3-540-574581

Management of Information Technology
Disciplines, Solutions, Controlling

Management of Information Technology (IT-Management) covers all duties and responsibilities of management, which have to executed in enterprises in connection with development, procurement and usage of IT systems.
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Workshop: Design your Digital Strategy

Workshop: Design your Digital Strategy

Within the workshop "Design your Digital Strategy", a specific process for the development of a "Digital Strategy" for an enterprise or parts of it, is operated.
The process connects classical techniques for the identification of strategic IT systems to the creative power of Design Thinking.
Starting with the "Design Challenge" a team of employees develops, within 2 to 4 workshops, the Digital Strategy.
The initialization and the control of the process should be carried out by two persons. Alternatives are:

  • Dr. Moll and a experienced employee of the enterprise
  • Dr. Moll and a experienced consultant, which is familiar with the Process.

I would apreciate your interest. On demand, a management summary of the process will be provided.

In addition I am available for consultation: Via telephone +49 (0)172 8964021 or Email.