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Competence Center Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering (RE) constitutes an important success factor for software development projects, since stakeholder-appropriate and measurable requirements are important determinants of quality. At the same time, RE is an interdisciplinary area in a software development process that is driven by uncertainty and is therefore highly volatile and complex.

In the Competence Centre for Requirements Engineering, we focus on fundamental, applied, and empirical research on concepts of model-based requirements engineering. That is, we develop and use formalised requirements and system models. We structure those models via artefact models to support a seamless, goal-oriented RE that captures the various facets of the application domains of software, (cyber physical) systems, and processes.

As our approach is built upon precise system models and modelling theories, they comprehend a well-founded understanding on the basic modelling concepts of system architecture and the terminology used. Further topics of interest are the integration of RE into the area of quality management and RE (process) improvement.

Our research relies on fundamental, conceptual, as well as evidence-based research, and on continuous knowledge transfer and the dissemination of our results into practice and teaching. Our work includes:

Research in strong collaboration and interaction with industrial partners and research institutes in the sphere of the model-based requirements engineering.

Consulting of industrial partners in the field of requirements engineering (for example, as part of evaluations of methods or as part of software process improvement endeavours).

Development of models and approaches for specific domains.

Teaching as part of own requirements engineering lectures, guided research projects, or student theses.

For further information, please refer to our short presentation, or directly contact Dr. Daniel Mendez.


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