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Es sprechen Studenten ueber ihre abgeschlossenen Diplomarbeiten und Systementwicklungsprojekte.

Am Montag, 28.01.19, ab 14:00 Uhr, im Raum McCarthy 01.11.051:

14:00 - 14:25:Peter GandenbergerBA (Rainer Niedermayr, Dr. Elmar Juergens)Influence of Checked Coverage on the Test Impact Analysis

Influence of Checked Coverage on the Test Impact Analysis

To thoroughly test large software projects large test suites are needed. To minimize the required testing time the concept of test impact analysis was introduced. Based on test coverage information only those tests are executed which cover the changed code. This helps to drastically reduce the required testing time. This thesis uses checked coverage instead of test coverage as the basic metric for the test impact analysis. Checked coverage is a more precise measurement between lines of code and test cases. This means that the test impact analysis can further narrow down the amount of relevant test cases, therefore increasing its performance. The case study showed that the use of checked coverage has a beneficial influence on the test impact analysis. The size of the subset deemed as relevant was reduced up to 64%. This leads to a 30% shorter testing time.

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