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Lehrstuhl IV: Software & Systems Engineering
Technische Universität München

Vasileios Koutsoumpas
Dipl. -Ing. Univ.


Technische Universität München
Institut für Informatik – Lehrstuhl IV (I4)
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching bei München

Room 00.11.059

Phone +49 89 289-17382
Fax +49 89 289-17307

Office Hours
please call/mail ahead for an appointment

Fields of interest

  • Architecture for Component-based Systems (Software-, Embedded-, and Cyber Phsysical Systems)
  • Formal Methods, Model Checking, Verification
  • Uncertainty Modeling, Soft Computing, Quantitative Methods


  • SPES XT (Software Plattform Embedded Systems "XT")
    SPES XT is a BMBF-funded project which aims to establish the technological basis to further improve the seamless, methodological, and technical tool integration of modeling and analysis techniques for embedded systems.(read more).
  • E-Energy - Smart Grids made in Germany
    A funding programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in an interministerial partnership with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). Within the scope of this project is the development and valuation of key technologies and business models for an "Internet of Energy". (read more).




  • V. Koutsoumpas (2015)
    A Model-based Approach for the Specification of a Virtual Power Plant Operating in Open Context.
    International Workshop on Software Engineering for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems (SEsCPS 2015), to appear in the ICSE companion volume

  • A. Campetelli, M. Junker, V. Koutsoumpas, X. Zhu, B. Boehm, M. Davidich,(2015)
    A Model-Based Approach to Formal Verification in Early Development Phases: A Desalination Plant Case Study.
    Fünfter Workshop zur Zukunft der Entwicklung softwareintensiver, eingebetteter Systeme (ENVISION 2015)

  • V. Koutsoumpas (2015)
    A Formal Approach based on Fuzzy Logic for the Specification of Interactive Systems.
    Formal Engineering approaches to Software Components and Architectures (FESCA 2015), to appear in Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, May 2015

  • G. Hackenberg, M. Irlbeck, V. Koutsoumpas, D. Bytschkow. (2014)
    A Rapid Prototyping Approach for Smart Energy Systems Based on Partial System Models.
    Computer Software and Applications Conference Workshops (COMPSACW 2014), IEEE 38th International , vol., no., pp.596,601, 21-25 July 2014

  • M. Irlbeck, G. Hackenberg, V. Koutsoumpas, D. Bytschkow. (2014)
    Towards a bottom-up development of reference architectures for smart energy systems.
    Software Engineering Challenges for the Smart Grid (SE4SG 2013)

  • V. Koutsoumpas, P.K Gupta (2013).
    Towards a constraint based approach for Self-Healing Smart Grids.
    Software Engineering Challenges for the Smart Grid (SE4SG 2013).

  • G. Hackenberg, M. Irlbeck, V. Koutsoumpas, D. Bytschkow (2012).
    Applying formal software engineering techniques to smart grids.
    Software Engineering for the Smart Grid (SE4SG 2012).

  • V. Koutsoumpas , K. Kontogiannis, P. Matthews (2010).
    Dynamic Analysis for the Reconstruction of System Behavior Models.
    Computer Software and Applications Conference Workshops (COMPSACW 2010).