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PDF-Datei  Did We Test Our Changes? Assessing Alignment between Tests and Development in Practice

Conference Paper

Author:Sebastian Eder, Benedikt Hauptmann, Maximilian Junker, Elmar Juergens, Rudolf Vaas, Karl-Heinz Prommer
Conference:AST '13: Automation of Software Test
Series:AST '13
Abstract:Testing and development are increasingly performed by different organizations, often in different countries and time zones. Since their distance complicates communication, close alignment between development and testing becomes increasingly challenging. Unfortunately, poor alignment between the two threatens to decrease test effectiveness or increases costs. In this paper, we propose a conceptually simple approach to assess test alignment by uncovering methods that were changed but never executed during testing. The paper’s contribution is a large industrial case study that analyzes development changes, test service activity and field faults of an industrial business information system over 14 months. It demonstrates that the approach is suitable to produce meaningful data and supports test alignment in practice.

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