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3rd International Workshop on Tool-Supported Development and Management in Distributed Software Projects

Book Chapter

In Book:Proceedings of the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering ICGSE 2009 (July 13-16 2009, Limerick, Ireland)
Editor:Chintan Amrit, Patrick Keil, Marco Kuhrmann
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Abstract:Planning, coordinating and controlling software engineering in distributed settings are far more complex than in one-site projects. First, the process of analysis and design needs to be planned and organized differently. Second, the methods used to discuss, share and document design and architecture ideas need to take into account the fact that project members involved in these tasks are spread over multiple sites and organisations and don't have contact to end-users. Third, development, integration and releasing a high quality product are far more challenging. As a conclusion, we need concepts and tools to support the specific tasks and process requirements in distributed development projects. Experience shows that an appropriate tool chain increases efficiency and success of distributed projects. Aspects like process assistance, knowledge management or project tracking ask for appropriate tools. One of the objectives of this workshop is to structure the major research topics and to define a research agenda for further work in the area of "end-to-end" tool support in distributed system development. Besides that, there will be a demo session with presentations and live demonstrations of tools that are specifically dedicated to support distributed development projects.
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