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PDF-Datei  Applying Service-Oriented Development to Complex System: a BART case study

Conference Paper

Conference:Reliable Systems on Unreliable Networked Platforms. Proceedings of the Monterey Workshop 2005, Laguna Beach, USA
Editor:Fabrice Kordon, Janos Sztipanovits
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Abstract:Complex distributed systems with control parts are difficult to develop and maintain. One reason of the complexity is the high degree of interaction and parallelism in these systems. Systematic, architecture-centric approaches are required to model, implement and verify such systems. To manage complexity, we apply a service-oriented development process, yielding manageable and flexible architecture specifications. We specify interaction patterns defining services using an extended Message Sequence Chart notation. We model a portion of the BART system as a case study, demonstrating the applicability of our methodology to this domain of complex, distributed, reactive systems. Our approach allows us to separate the problem of orchestrating the interactions between distributed components and developing the control algorithms for the various control tasks. We provide a brief overview of service-oriented development and service-oriented architectures, as well as a detailed description of our results for the BART case study.

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