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Vorlesung | Wintersemester 2012/2013
Agile Project Management and Software Development
Dr. Marco Kuhrmann



On this page you can find the lecture slides. The access to the slides is password protected.

[2012-10-19] Introduction to the lecture  Download
[2012-10-23] Projects, Success Factors, Agility  Download
[2012-10-30] Teams and Group Dynamics  Download
[2012-11-06] Agile Methods  Download
[2012-11-14] Cost and Effort Estimation  Download
[2012-11-21] Planning  Download
[2012-11-27] Requirements Engineering  Download
[2012-12-05] Implementations and Testing  Download
[2012-12-12] Documentation, Modeling & Integration  Download
[2013-01-16] Contracting
Further information on A. Cockburn's website
[2013-01-23] Agile Project Life Cycle - Global Agility
Further information International Conference on Global Software Engineering
[2013-02-11] Guest Lecture: Project Management Lessons Learned  Download

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