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Vorlesung | Wintersemester 2012/2013
Agile Project Management and Software Development
Dr. Marco Kuhrmann



Additional material can be found here:

Student Presentations

Each student gives a short presentation during the lecture. The goal is to work on an individual topic and present it in class to foster discussion. A list of possible available below. A discussion on the topics as well as the topic assignment will be done during the first session.

[2012-09-25] Topics for student presentations  Download
[2012-09-25] Template for the presentations  Download
[2012-09-25] Template for the essays  ACM LaTeX2e - Tighter Alternate style

Topic assignments

The topic assignment is done. Below you can find the assignments as well as the scheduled appointments and the assigned advisors. Please contact the advisors as soon as possible to organize your presentation (and also your essay writing).

[2012-10-19] Topics for student presentations - Finalized assignments  Download

Student presentations

Name Title Essay
Hassan Nasir  Extreme Programming (XP)  Essay
Christoph Richter  Scrum  Essay
Florian Sydekum  Kanban  Essay
Mengsu Liu  Feature Driven Development  Essay
Jan Kucera
Alexander Ostrovsky
Sergey Krauze
 Effort and Cost Estimation  Expert-based
 Planning Poker
 Algorithmic Approaches
Lars Lucas  Time Boxing  Essay
Ermal Guni  Agiltiy and Requirements Engineering  Essay
Erdisa Subashi  User Stories  Essay
Deniz Ugurlu  Automated Testing  Essay
Prabesh Shrestha  Coninuous Integration  Essay
Fritz Gerneth  Test-driven Development  Essay
David Fu  Unit Testing  Essay
Laetitia Harter  Documentation in Agile Projects Essay
Benedikt Hirmer  Agility and Contracting - Basics  Essay
Katrin Kehrbusch  Agile contracting: ideas, approaches, strategies and examples  Essay
Nasir Ali  Scrum of Scrums: Scaling agile  Essay
Md. Raihanul Islam  Cultures and Agile Development  Essay
Gaurav Kukreja  Agile Modeling  Essay

Additional Material

[2012-10-24] Introduction to presentation techniques (German)  Download
[2012-10-31] Mayers-Briggs Test (German), for an english version look into the slides  Download
[2012-11-08] Introduction to presentation techniques (English summary)  Download

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