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Vorlesung | Sommersemester 2010
Software Quality Management
Dr. S. Wagner



  • All oral exams take place in room 01.11.053. Please be about 5 minutes before your designated time slot. Please bring your student ID and a passport or ID card. No other equipment is necessary.
    14:00-14:20 Goby, Dominik
    14:30-14:50 Mao, Yichen
  • The retake exam will be held at 14th october 2010 at 14:00. The exam place will be announced later on.
  • The exam and solutions examples are now available on the material page.
  • The results should finally be up on TUMOnline. Sorry for the long time it took. We had organisationally as well as technical problems. You will have the possibility to inspect your exam on Tuesday, August 31, from 14 in room 01.11.018. Please e-mail Shareeful if you will come.
  • The results of the exam will be available on TUMOnline in the next few days. You can inspect your exam next week. Please e-mail Shareeful if you plan to do that, so that we can fix a time and place. For those who failed, there will be the possibility to repeat the exam in October. Details follow on that.
  • The written examination will take place on July 26, 10-12 in room 01.11.018. Please register via TUMOnline.
  • Errata: There was an error in worksheet 1. The median absolute deviation is not possible for ordinal data, but only for interval and higher. The worksheet is updated accordingly.

The course complements the introductory software engineering courses and especially the courses project organisation and managment as well as processes and methods for testing software. It also looks at fundamental questions on quality of software and how this quality can be planned, achieved, and evaluated. Product as well as process quality will be covered. The tutorials will bring the topics of the lectures into practice by experiments with various tools and techniques. The course enables students to understand, apply, and build software quality managment systems in practice.

Audience: Master students in Informatik and Wirtschaftsinformatik

ECTS Credits: 6 (2 SWS lectures, 2 SWS tutorials)

Lecture (from April 23, 2010): Fridays 9:00-10:30 in room Konrad Zuse (01.11.018).

Lecturer: Dr. Stefan Wagner

Tutorial (from April 27, 2010): Tuesdays 16:00-17:30 in room Konrad Zuse (01.11.018).

Tutor: Lars Heinemann, Shareeful Islam

Talk Time: by arrangement


1. Basics
1.1 What is (software) quality?
1.2 Process and product quality
1.3 Quality attributes
1.4 Quality models
1.5 Quality management

2. Product quality
2.1 Quality models
2.2 Quality requirements
2.3 Constructive techniques
2.4 Test
2.5 Review and inspection
2.6 Automated static analysis
2.7 Clone detection
2.8 Metrics
2.9 Tools

3. Metrics and measurement
3.1 Measurement theory
3.2 Measurement process
3.3 Measurement methods
3.4 Goal/Question/Metric
3.5 Tools

4. Process quality
4.1 Quality models
4.2 Process audit
4.3 ISO 9000
4.4 TQM
4.6 Metrics
4.7 Tools

5. Quality management
5.1 QM process
5.2 Quality planing
5.3 Quality control
5.4 QM methods (QFD, Balanced Scorecards)
5.5 QM in V-Modell XT, RUP, and Scrum
5.6 Tools

6. Certification
6.1 Audit
6.2 Safety Case

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