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Vorlesung | Wintersemester 2014/15
Ausgewählte Themen aus dem Bereich Software Engineering - Internet of Things and Services
Dr. Christian Prehofer



In addition to the lecture, all slides are available here. The slide focus on key contents of the lecture, but do not replace visiting the lecture. The slides are password protected. The password will be announced in the first lecture and exercise.

[08.10.14]pdf IoT 1 Intro.pdf
[16.10.14]pdf IoT 2-1 Reactive Programming.pdf
[16.10.14]pdf IoT 2-2 Virtual Machines.pdf
[21.10.14]pdf IoT 2-3 High-level Languages.pdf
[28.10.14]pdf IoT 2-4 Hardware Abstractions.pdf
[4.11.14]pdf IoT 3-1 Networking Tech.pdf
[11.11.14]pdf IoT 3-2 IPv6 networking.pdf
[18.11.14]pdf IoT 3-3 6LowPan.pdf (updated Nov. 26)
[3.12.14]pdf IoT 4-1 mashups.pdf (updated Nov. 26)
[10.12.14]pdf IoT 4-2 REST.pdf
[17.12.14]pdf IoT 4-3 CoAP.pdf
[7.1.15]pdf SecuringIoT_7Jan2015.pdf
[14.1.15]pdf IoT 4-4 Smart Energy Example.pdf
[21.1.15]pdf Operative Systems for the Internet of Things.pdf
[28.1.15]pdf IoT 4-5 Model-based mashups.pdf

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