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Vorlesung | Wintersemester 2014/15
Ausgewählte Themen aus dem Bereich Software Engineering - Internet of Things and Services
Dr. Christian Prehofer


General Information

  • Organization of the exercises:
    The exercises will consist of a mix of classical work sheets and two programming tasks. All exercises will take place shortly after the lecture (10 o'clock), in the same room. It is strongly recommended to attend all exercises.
  • Programming tasks:
    The programming tasks will be reviewed and count as 40% of your nal grade. Task 1 (Mid October - End November) will cover the programming of IoT devices, Task 2 focuses on application mashups (December-mid January).
  • Work sheets:
    Concerning work sheets: Work sheets will be given to you in the exercise. At the start of each exercise, two or more students should present their solution to the class. We will discuss the exercise after the presentation in class and the next exercise will be handed out to you. All work sheets try to deepen your understanding of the contents of the lecture, but will be not graded.

Remark: All work sheets are password protected. The password will be anounced in the first exercise.

Work sheets

[08.10.2014]  IOTS14-Exercise-1.pdf
[15.10.2014]  IOTS14-Exercise-2.pdf
[22.10.2014]  20141022_TaskDescription_ProgrammingCrashCourseContiki.pdf
[03.12.2014]  Intro-Galileo-NodeRED.pdf
[10.12.2014]  IntroMashupsFBP.pdf
[17.12.2014]  SensorsGalileo.pdf

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