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Es sprechen Studenten über ihre abgeschlossenen Diplomarbeiten und Systementwicklungsprojekte.

Am Montag, 29.10.18, ab 10:00 Uhr, im Raum Neumann (00.11.038):

10:00 - 10:25:Arjen SpaansBA (Sebastian Eder)TBD
10:25 - 10:50:Marcel BrucknerBA (Elmar Jürgens)Recognition of Generated Code in Open Source Software

Recognition of Generated Code in Open Source Software

A suffix-tree clone-detection approach to find clones among the comments in source code files is presented. Using this approach we found a multitude of generator-patterns that are inserted by their respective code generator and identify the source code file as generated. We extracted the patterns to build up a generator-pattern repository that can be used to automatically classify code into the categories generated and manually maintained. This repository is used on a reference data set and a huge, randomly composed collection of open source projects to test its capabilities and to calculate different proportions of generated code.

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