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Es sprechen Studenten über ihre abgeschlossenen Diplomarbeiten und Systementwicklungsprojekte.

Am Donnerstag, 22.06.17, ab 11:30 Uhr, im Raum Neumann (00.11.038):

11:30 - 11:55:Dominic CesnakBA (Ilias Gerostathopoulos)Internet of Things - Service Discovery and Device Management

Internet of Things - Service Discovery and Device Management

The next industrial revolution, called Industrie 4.0, is already a top priority for many research centers, companies and universities. The concept of connecting multiple devices, sensors or machines with each other, is one of the principles of Industrie 4.0. With the proliferation of connected devices, with different kinds of sensors and actuators, it opens up completely new possibilities for novel applications. Home automation, for example, gets more and more attention and is already used in many households. But for an easy handling of those devices, it is important that machine to-machine communication works smoothly. Though standardizations exist, they are often too complex for end-users. There are already some concepts and approaches dealing with this question. This thesis presents an approach to automate the detection of multiple devices and the discovery of their offered RESTful services at an application level.

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